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We inform you, that the National Accreditation Authority (NAH) has become on 5th October 2016 the signatory to Multilateral Agreement of the European co-operation for Accreditation (EA MLA) with effect from 6th October 2016 in the fields of:

We would like to thank to all participants for helping and supporting us!

Miklós Devecz
Director general
National Accreditation Authority


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Moroccan study visit at the National Accreditation Authority within the framework of TAIEX

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Successful transition to MSZ EN ISO / IEC 17021-1: 2016

Cooperation Agreement signed between the National Accreditation Authority of Hungary (NAH) and the Cluster of Accredited Organizations (ASZEK) on the occasion of the World Accreditation Day.

NAH Conference within the framework of the World Accreditation Day 2017

Certification possibilities of PEFC in Hungary

The 39th General Assembly assured the work of the EA

Meeting with His Excellency Osama Naffa Hungarian Ambassador to the United Arab Emirates

Meeting on the Hungarian current issues of Halal Accreditation

Joint ISO-ILAC-IAF Communique on ISO/IEC 17025

The second Global Halal Industry Platform is on its way

Hungary has officially extended the EA MLA signatory status to the inspection field as well

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This is how free movement in harmonized and non-harmonized sectors works

Happy Easter!

Hungary passes the EA extraordinary evaluation

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Bodroghelyi Csaba is the new Deputy Director-General of NAH

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Gates opening for Hungarian companies to the Halal market

Hungary moving closer to the Gulf countries

New Safety Standard issued for Sling Carriers and Toys

Geir Samuelsen said farewell to the EA

Announcement on the preliminary report of significant change

Informative about institutional alterations related to organizations with accredited status

2017, the year of the service-oriented authority

2016 was a year full of challenges

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Winter break

ILAC welcomes Hungary and NAH

NAH became a full member of ILAC

The NAH is on the verge of full ILAC membership

Hungary on the way to the third biggest agri-food market of the EU

Hungary took a huge step toward the multitrillion dollar Halal market

We are tightening relations with Albania

IAF - ILAC16 annual meetings in New Delhi

EA MLA decisions made in October 2016

EA MAC agreed upon the #MLA signatory status of CAI Czech Republic, HAA Croatia, NAH Hungary and OLAS Luxembourg.


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Second regular meeting of the Accreditation Council

Use of short company name in accreditation procedure by the authority

Position statement on accreditation according to Standard MSZ EN ISO/IEC 17025:2005

Latest revision of ILAC P15 published

Announcement on the procedural rules of NAH

Information about traceability

Information Note on the fees payable by management system certification bodies

The Impartiality Advisory Body of NAH has been established

NAH - Peer evaluation

ILAC membership

World Accreditation Day

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European Accreditation full membership

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Letter of the director-general

NAH EA membership application